Our History

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1972 A group of premium wine grape growers establish California Winegrowers Foundation, dedicated to upgrading the standards of agricultural employment practices and labor relations.

Members in CWF agree to pay a percentage of payroll to provide benefits program includes health benefits, life insurance, vacation pay and pension plan.

1973 Services enhanced to include a bilingual social worker to serve as a liaison between employer and employee, assisting employees with job placement, financial problems, job grievances and family emergencies.
1974 Over $500,000 in vacation paychecks are distributed to 500-700 employees of CWF members.
1975 The State of California accepts dba use of the name California Grower Foundation.
1976 Lee Henderson, former Public Relations Manager appointed to newly created position of General Manager.
1976-1978 Social services expanded to include taking employees to doctor visits, obtaining travel papers and translation.
1980 Benefit program changed to adapt to diverse wage rates and rising medical costs.
1986 Membership criteria expanded to include processors of agricultural products.
1988 Articles of Incorporation updated to formalized priorities; insurance, pension, education.
1999 The Foundation partners with Western Growers Assurance Trust (WGAT) to develop a group health program for CGF members.
2006 After 33 years of service, Lee Henderson retires. Rebecca Barlow joins the Foundation.
2010 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act become law, mandating health care benefits for individuals and employers.
2012 The Napa Register profiles the Foundation in its Neighbor to Neighbor column CLICK HERE
2013 California Grower Foundation Health Insurance Solutions, #0I36115, CGF’s new insurance agency division is formed.
2014 Rebecca Barlow and Evelyn Gambill receive ACA certification from the National Association of Health Underwriters.
2014 Rebecca Barlow, Executive Director of the St Helena-based California Grower Foundation featured in FORBES article Napa, With Benefits: Healthcare Access For Wine Workers, Top To Bottom.